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Starting A Business

Here is information, tips, tutorials, and business advice to help you start your new business. If you do nothing else when you're thinking about starting a busines, you should write a business plan.

Business Plans Made Simple: Why a business plan? Some people think that a business plan is a waste of time, but it is not. The plan lays down your road map for success. It helps you think of things you haven't considered, that could throw a monkey wrench into your dreams. It is not something that you put together then put away; a business plan is something that gives you checks and balances to make sure you are doing what you must do to ensure your success.

If you need help putting together a sound business plan, register online for SCORE mentoring.

Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure: Most people start off thinking their idea is amazing, then realise the difficulties and begin to question it and think it won't work. This then manifests into self-criticism and self-doubt. If you manage to make it past that stage, you find ways around the difficulties and start to think, actually this could work and you do a full circle to thinking, actually, this is pretty great. (Virgin Atlantic,Richard Branson)

Starting a Business

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